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ANEE lexicographic portal

ForceAtlas2 + expand, as recommended by Tero Alstola
(new) PMI data, with no translation attributes
A graph with translations as labels
FastText with ForceAtlas2 for ego graphs, for some reason sparser than other cases

gexf upload

Upload a gexf graph for viewing on the web.
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Upload file

Select a file from your system to upload. Its name must end with ".gexf". It is expected to have been exported from gephi; in practice, it needs to have viz:position and viz:color attributes.

Follow or save your link

Your file will be uploaded and converted to be viewable with gexf-js. A link will appear that you can follow to view the graph; this link can be shared with others. It's temporary, and will be deleted after 24 hours.



  • A new approach to arc width scaling: if the view would have over-wide arcs, all arcs in the view are scaled down so that the biggest one has a configurable (now 30.0) constant width, and others are in the same proportion to that as they really are (so arc proportions should always be undistorted).
  • There's a password-protected upload page that makes named links (the link will have a name based on the graph file), and these will not be deleted. Currently here. Should it be linked to from the main page? Should ego graph generation be limited to this feature? Should there be a nice way to update the portal main page, or just ask me to do it each time?
  • There's a script for producing graphs with switched attributes, like label for translation. This is useful for demonstrating things for non-experts. In fact I should make something that goes from translated corpora to graphs, in an unambiguous way - now all alternative translations are listed for the node, when in fact it would have been possible know meanings in context.
  • Graphs can now be downloaded from the web view via a link at the top, thought not ego graphs. Undecided how to handle this exactly.
  • Some progress on generating nice(r) looking graphs directly from corpora via pmi, but not complete yet.


  • From the technical point of view we are getting close to ready to publish; the most urgent thing for that is to decide on the information and graph selection we want to have on the page. We should decide who writes what with regards to that, and where it should appear, in what context (linked to from which page) etc.
  • The link at the very top of the page doesn't go anywhere, but if this will be part of a general ANEE resource, it would link back to that.
  • This page should obviously have some sort of general introductory text, yet to be written, probably mostly not by me.


  • Instead of having multiple distinct ego graph layout pages, they could all exist under the same root graph and have links to each other, so you can view whichever
  • A night mode type thing, with dark background and bright arcs?
  • Some code consolidation / documentation, things have gotten a bit hacky by now